Trendnet router validating identity

An attacker can use your fridge, for instance, to perform an extended DNS request and make it look as if a third party (i.e.

your company's server) has requested the information.

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Assume breach at home If this is truly the state of play -and I think it is- then you as an interested father/mother husband/wife need to take action.

Now imagine that nearly every smart TV has a camera and microphone attached to it which might be turned on remotely. Even though the number of Internet-aware devices is ridiculously high, cyber-criminals have often overlooked them because of either security challenges or difficulty connecting.

Since most of these devices run a custom distribution of Linux, the only way to compromise them is to randomly ping devices on the Internet, attempt to brute-force their SSH credentials - often set to admin or root, and then download a customised virus written for the MIPS or ARM platforms.

And even if we don't expect these "things" to turn rogue and wreak havoc among their owners, chances are that somebody, somewhere is using them to attack others.

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