Scripture missionary dating

Is it sinful for a couple to drive to a deserted area at night just to “hang out”? Is it wise for a young man to talk to a young woman’s parents about dating/courting their daughter? It depends on whether the parents are Christians, how old the woman is, and a host of other conditions.Does a young man need to have financial stability before he can get married? Here’s why: part of this is principle and part of this is practice. The practices, however, may differ from relationship to relationship. Making out in the bedroom is off limits, as is all sexual activity.Not necessarily, but it is wise for him to think through his financial status. But there are certain things that may be tempting for some people and not others, like holding hands.This is why we need to be careful about laying strict, absolute practices.Is it just me, or has the whole Christian dating/courting/dorting thing become really, really complicated?

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Meeting this woman has set my heart on fire for God again after a long period of not praying and staying away from the Word.

It’s also true, as I have written many times before (check out the first article in my “Biblical Dating” series for one example), that the purpose of dating is not recreation, or to “practice being married.” The purpose of dating is to find a spouse.

It stands to reason, then, that if one cannot marry an unbeliever, it is at least spectacularly unwise — and nearly always an indication of sin — to search for a spouse among unbelievers.

And here’s the kicker: believe it or not, the Bible doesn’t actually say a whole lot about dating/courting relationships.

When we place our above Biblical principles, it’s a recipe for disaster.

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