Is katie couric dating

"He's great," Couric said in an interview last year. " (Molner's from Chicago.)Couric had always said she'd like to be...

Read Full Story Kim Kardashian and Katie Couric (Pacific Coast News, Getty)Kim Kardashian is probably used to the haters by now, but the one thing she won't abide by is fakeness.

In a preview for the show, set to air after the Superbowl next Sunday, Couric is also seen coming face to face with cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, played by Jane Lynch.

Typically she is not so keen on the guest, telling her: 'I hate you Diane Sawyer.' Perhaps the episode is a hint of things to come for Couric, whose contract with CBS has nearly ended.

Talk show host Katie Couric recently called out Kim and the rest of the Kardashian clan for their success, saying, “I don’t understand — why are they so famous?

I think it’s mostly teenage girls that are interested.” Couric's sentiment is one that Kim and co.

The couple laughed and chatted as Couric reclined on a beach bed and Brooks stood alongside.

Couric wore a brown one piece swimsuit and covered up with a white NY Yankees baseball cap and a white tunic by Gretchen Scott designs.

In the preview the cast are seen performing Michael Jackson's Thriller on an American Football pitch, a cheerleader appears to be shot out of a canon and the Dalton Academy Warblers are seen singing Bills Bills Bills.

But dating isn't easy, even for a famed TV journalist."Also, when you get to my age, everyone is a bit wounded. "Fortunately, it looks like Couric has found the perfect travel partner with her handsome fiancé!

So I think it's important to handle people with care--not to think, 'Oh, what a terrible date,' but just, 'This person isn't for me,'" she said.

Pacific Coast News Katie Couric is heading down the aisle once more.

The TV journalist is engaged to boyfriend John Molner, her rep confirmed to Us Weekly.

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