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There are also people like waitresses and waiters with handheld skimmers who steal the data that way. I'd pay to for the information from one card.Then I'd use an encoder to put that data on a fake card, go into a store and purchase stuff.Then we'd say, "For security purposes we've removed your account information.Please re-enter it." Credit Where did you get the e-mail addresses for your phishing schemes?We've all heard the standard tips about preventing identity theft and credit card fraud.

If a company is sending you an ad through e-mail and you've never heard of the company, don't buy anything from them. I was getting thousands and thousands of responses from single mailings.As part of the scam, I'd get their date of birth, address, Social Security number and driver's license number.Then I could make a fake ID that had all accurate information on it.I use, which is a free aggregation service that allows you to put all your accounts on there and monitor everything at once. It's also a good idea to check your credit report at least twice a year to make sure no one has stolen your identity. I'd try to stick to reputable sites or at least to sites that have reviews.A lot of times they'll create these stores that sell things that are widely searched for at prices that are incredibly low.

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