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One of the things that I found particularly interesting about this man’s rules was the completely different perspectives that my girlfriend and I had on the same topics. For instance, as a single father, I found the part about not dating women that have their children full time a touch… I can understand that a person might not want to deal with extra people coming between you and your own children, but it kind of seems like a problem of time allocation.

My significant other found this guy to be bitter; I, on the other hand, didn’t. I also suspect that men that won’t date women that have their children full-time are eliminating a possibly fantastic pool of empathic mates.

Happiness is an emotional response to external stimuli.

To break the vow of “til’ death do us part” over an emotional state that may or may not be another person’s fault, is shallow and shows a lack of emotional maturity. I never date a woman who feels the need to tout her own independence.

This is a personal preference I developed after having discussions with my own children.

Mine have been through enough already, I’m the Dad and feel I am doing what is best for my children, they were here first.

He says that older women have the power to make a connection that turns into a dating opportunity.

Independence is the opposite of dependence and being able to depend on others is why we get into relationships of any kind in the first place. I don’t date women who have their children full time.

Might come across as a shitty attitude to have, but I see no need to be a full time father to someone else’s children and a part time father to my own.

It tells me that woman is too self absorbed to be a reliable partner in the future. First, independent entities by definition do not want or need to be in any type of union with another entity.

When the United States declared independence from Great Britain, we dissolved the ties that had connected us to the British.

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