Error updating firmware 7 5 2 to extreme speed dating teaching technique

A word of caution first: - I've only tested this method with the oldest FI8908W, not the Foscam "Logo" FI8908W (fw v. and up).- this should be experimented only if you exhausted your other options, like claiming a replacement under the warranty. It suppose that the boot loader in the camera is still intact.

It is impossible to continuously test if this guide still works because I can’t possibly afford to buy a new Fire TV or Fire TV Stick every time Amazon updates the software version that their devices leave the factor with.

You now have two approaches, set the date via the internet, or set the date manually.

Setting it via the internet is easier: That will not work if the Mac does not have internet access, however.

- the recovery files are not normal firmware upgrade files and cannot be uploaded to the camera using the normal firmware upgrade procedure.

FI8908W AND FI8918W - a terminal software if you don't have Hyper Terminal on your version of Windows. - I also used some adhesive putty to help keeping the wires in place and isolate the wires from each other.

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