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Investigate the differences in safety belt use from state to state, and between males and females. cat=1&Quest=Q10 Investigate the statistics on the number of teens who report that within the last 30 days they have ridden in an automobile driven by someone who has been drinking.Again, notice any differences by state, by year, or by gender. cat=1&Quest=Q11 Discover what the survey showed about teens who were asked if they had driven an automobile in the last 30 days while drinking alcohol. cat=1&Quest=Q14 Investigate the statistics on the number of teens who reported carrying a weapon to school at least once in the past 30 days.

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For the purposes of the game, you will use only the following causes of death: accidents, assault, and suicide.

By creating this educational game, your overall attention to risk and safety will improve and you can better protect your health.

Process First, read through the following questions before you begin your internet research.

Your game must include, at minimum, the following items: Be creative!

You may create any kind of game that you choose, within the above parameters.

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