Corporate dating fiona dorse

* The three steps are reversed “There is a three-step emotional tango when we meet someone. There are, of course, girls for whom the sequence is reversed…

but this will not result in a long-term and meaningful relationship as it is just based on physical attraction.” * Be positive and fun “Your first date should be full of interesting, fun conversation.

Women develop lines on their upper lips and crépey necks.

You have to be realistic.” The same goes for women and men wanting younger partners. “Men also come to me saying that they are simply not attracted to women in their age bracket.

This is like your university degree, your driving licence or a sport or hobby.

The effort that you need to make is to go out on at least 17 to 30 dates before you find someone with whom you feel that old-fashioned magic.

Dorse is looking for perfection - people who exude life and wealth but have not connected with the love of their life.

It's the month of romance – when everyone seems to be in couples.

And if you are single, not out of choice, you need to do something about it, says Fiona Dorse, who has been playing Cupid in Durban for 15 years. “Single people all make the same mistakes,” she says.

I introduced two fun-loving, vibrant clients who met for coffee (my recommended first date) and they went to Italy for their second date. If you start telling your date all your woes or how hard it is to meet someone nowadays (which they already know) it is a turn-off.

They want to meet someone charming, polite, intelligent and, most of all, pleasant company.” * Keep trying “The only way that you are ever going to find someone, is by making an effort.

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