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Numerous questions from those connected to the military have been answered on her forum, and she has advised military spouses with young children: "Keep a scrapbook of everything that goes on with you and the children while he's gone, so that you can cuddle up with him when he returns and go over each page." "Money is a great commonality," she advises. and they’d rather talk about sports or politics, which are more removed from their emotional cores. Unfortunately, the truth has a way of catching up and the pain avoided comes back exponentially." along with every imaginable dating and relationship question or opinion.

"And when couples feel that they’re a team, sharing success and failures, they bond more closely." On the other hand, "Financial infidelity is a big deal breaker in relationships. News & World Report made her their primary source in their "Tipping Bible" (Your Ultimate Tipping Guide),) Regarding celebrity breakups, Masini has offered comments on men's and women's communication styles as demonstrated by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: "Women tend to expound on relationships and they want to feel good about where they are in them," while "Men don’t want to expound . Her comments have been sought by Medill Reports-Chicago, a publication of Northwestern University's journalism school, for an article on racism; Masini has conservative political views and has been consulted on a range of political issues.

Masini reached out to the governor and legislators of Hawaii, who then advocated for the move; Coming at a time of economic downturn, the move paved the way in 2001 for Hawaii's Act 221, designed to develop the state's high-technology industry through the use of tax incentives.

In 1999, production costs in Hawaii were significantly higher than in Australia, with its favorable tax codes.

As the top 2001 top beneficiary of the tax credit program, the film came under fire from critics such as David Watumull, president and CEO of Hawaii Biotech.

Watumull argued that the law had not "contemplated the dollar amounts that are going into movies, which are then taking those dollars away from high-tech and biotech companies," adding, "I'm also not sure that the law contemplated the short-term nature of movie projects." However, Masini's efforts to bring film and television to Hawaii, along with the marketing, promotional, and tourism dollars they offer, continued to pay off years after the productions had left.

Keeping secret purchases and transactions doesn’t instill trust, and it makes the person who finds out these secrets feel there are other secrets yet to be found." In 2007, Masini was hired by Procter & Gamble's Old Spice as the Dating and Relationship Editor for its "Voice of Experience" campaign announcing that "Nationally recognized relationship expert and author April Masini––featured everywhere from Maxim to The New York Times––will give the female perspective on what guys need to have a dating streak to be envied." She advises Millennials in the workplace to rely on their "unique voices," but to use words such as "awesome" in moderation: "Be youthful, but have a range of words that express excitement or pleasure." And when asked by NBC News to comment on a Tinder-style app that matches local surrogate or prospective co-parents, she advised Millennials: "If you think sex is intimate and causes fireworks when a hot relationship ends, take a stroll through family court and watch custody battles unravel." Masini is a recognized expert on etiquette, including the etiquette of tipping and online behavior. Regarding Donald Trump, she stated in April 2016: "I do not believe there is a single career politician who can begin to compete with Trump when it comes to the economy or resolving the debt crisis." When asked about Trump's attitudes toward women, she commented that he is "a fighter …

If a woman attacks him, he fights back against her the same way he fights back against a man, because to him she is just as strong and just as capable as any man." Masini argues that this quality in Trump "makes [him] the ultimate feminist — he treats men and women equally." When asked how conservatives should respond to the 2012 Supreme Court decision upholding President Obama's health care legislation, where Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the majority, Masini advised: "If you're considering a Democratic ticket in the November election as a way to show Roberts that nobody messes with you and walks away unscathed, reconsider," she said.

By September you will be ready to get the work done. Taurus (April 21-May 21): Lovely lady, this could be the month you meet that special someone. In this season, life wakes up and leaves the house. Remember we have one mouth and two ears, so try and listen twice as much as you speak. It may not be easy, but it’s worth the effort to develop your listening skills. Involve yourself with fortifying activities to help you wake from the slumber of winter, like cooking soups and eating refreshing veggies. Get out in the world more, even if it’s just for a walk in the park. The world needs you to get out there and be yourself.

April Masini has won a following as an expert on dating and relationships who supports traditional gender roles and argues that the feminist movement has damaged relationships in America. Ben's response is indicative of this tendency men have to veer far away from any relationship talk." As for why we get so upset over celebrity breakups, Masini explains: "Celebrity life humanizes a lot of traumatic processes that ‘civilians’ go through, like divorce, death, drug overdoses, illness and more.

Her opinions on dating and relationships have been regularly quoted in major news outlets from The Wall Street Journal Masini is supportive of American troops and the families and relationships they leave behind during training and deployment overseas. Civilians are going to be feeling sad because the media is triggering personal feelings about the vulnerability of any marriage and family." Asked about Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, who reported being robbed at gunpoint only to acknowledge that he had exaggerated, Masini explained, "If you dig deeper, you’ll see that there is a reason" why people lie; in the case of Lochte, "he didn’t want to feel responsible or ashamed for things he’d done that were going to be frowned on.

In bringing the show to Hawaii, Nuss hoped to prove that a cable or network series could afford to film in the state.

In 2002, April Masini was the first to use Hawaii's newly passed Act 221, designed to develop the state's technology industry.

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