Anthony kiedis currently dating

Rose accused West of cheating on her with his now wife Kim Kardashian.In 2013, Rose went on to marry another rapper, Wiz Khafka.He has not spoken about his religious views much, nor the religion of his upbringing–if there was one.

In 1989, Rolling Stones' former bassist Bill Wyman (52 years at that time) married 18-year-old teenage model Mandy Smith.

Sometimes musicians and models get along like a house on fire, whereas sometimes the passion is short-lived.

Click through to see which combo of beauty and 'the beat' tuned well in real life and which fell out of sync.

Before becoming the former First Lady of France, Bruni dated several musicians during her modelling career, including Mick Jagger.

During 1989-90, she dated Eric Clapton, 23 years her senior, who once described her as the "love of his life." Kate Moss was in a much-publicised relationship with Babyshambles’ crooner Pete Doherty (2005-07).

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