Amazon package tracking not updating

They serve up notifications, Show your schedule, and even let you perform simple tasks with the click of a button.

With Built-in activity tracking, optical Heart rate monitoring, and our updated Suite of health tools, Pebble is the only thing your wrist will ever need.

That’s just my two cents but I agree most of the avast watches out there are gimmicky and fall short, but that category didn’t your coverage did.

I’m hoping by the time my pebble 2 needs to be replaced there will be something worthy out there My original review: I was one of the Kickstarter backers for the P2. Previously I had an original pebble smart watch that I really loved and I wanted to upgrade it after a few years on my wrist.

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The only feature that I really doing it lacking on was NFC/mobile wallet, however that had the potential to be addressed if smart straps had come to fruition before pebble died, sadly that will never be the case now.

Your sleep, heart rate and workouts are right there with no digging, and they're easy to understand/navigate through.

Out of all the apps I've used (for fitness trackers), I'd say it's a smidge better than the Fitbit app.

I really couldn’t disagree more but I had the first gen pebble for over a year and pebble 2 for over a month now.

I am sad that they are now defunct but it represented what a smart watch was supposed to do.

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