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Sarah Elgazzar, an advocate for the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations in Montreal, declared that it is improbable that very many Muslim women will have hidden faces when voting.

Elgazzar insisted that women using niqabs usually take them off to distinguish themselves and do not sport them for photo IDs.

This fact was echoed by Salam Elmenyawi of the Muslim Council of Montreal.

There was extensive coverage of related issues in Quebec's news media in 20.

It provided details of expectations of behavior, and defined practices of other countries that were not acceptable in the town, such as stoning women or burning them alive, and female genital mutilation.

They joined other federal and provincial politicians from Quebec who attacked the decision.The conservative ADQ party appeared to gain support from these debates.It formed the official opposition in the provincial legislature for one term from 2007 to 2008, until the increasing prominence of the global economic crisis relegated reasonable accommodation to an issue of less importance.The church has allowed local parishes to work with municipalities to develop the buildings as community centers, for example, rather than for private condominium construction.In 2007, Benjamin Rubin, a forward with the Gatineau Olympiques ice hockey team, refused to play several key matches because they fell on a Jewish holiday.

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